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The NOT function is used to invert the Boolean value of an expression. It is useful for explicitly testing for a false condition. It takes the general form:


Where expression may evaluate to any Boolean result.

The NOT function will return Boolean TRUE if the expression returned a Boolean FALSE. It will return Boolean FALSE of the expression returned a Boolean TRUE. The function is useful for explicitly testing for the false condition of some test and can clarify the logic of such a test.

An example of use may be:

EQU Sunday TO NOT (MOD (DATE(), 7))
IF Sunday THEN
    CRT "It is Sunday!"

In this example, the expression MOD(DATE(),7) will return 0 (FALSE) if the day is Sunday and 1 to 6 (TRUE) for the other days. To explicitly test for the day Sunday we need to invert the result of the expression. BY using the NOT function to return a 1 (TRUE) if the day is Sunday and 0 (FALSE) for all other values of the expression.

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