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Gets the property of a compiled jQL statement. It takes the general form: 

JQLGETPROPERTY(PropertyValue, Statement, Column, PropertyName)


  • PropertyValue Receives the requested property value from the system or “” if the property is not set Statement The result of a valid JQLCOMPILE(Statement)
  • Column Specifies that you want the value of the property for a specific column (otherwise 0 for the whole statement).
  • PropertyName These are EQUATED values defined by INCLUDE’ing the file JQLINTERFACE.h.

This function returns -1 if there is a problem with the parameters or the programmer. These properties answer questions such as “Was LPTR mode asked for,” and “How many columns are there?”


Properties are valid after the compile; this is the main reason for separating the compile and execute into two functions. After compiling, it is possible to examine the properties and set properties before executing. 

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