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The COLLECTDATA statement is used to retrieve data passed from the PASSDATA clause of an EXECUTE statement. It takes the general form:



Variable is the name of the variable, which is to store the retrieved data.

Please note:

The COLLECTDATA statement can be used in any program, which is EXECUTEd (or PERFORMed) by another program where the calling program uses a PASSDATA clause. The EXECUTEd program uses a COLLECTDATA statement to retrieve the passed data.

If a PASSDATA clause is not in effect, variable will be assigned a value of null.

An example of use is as:




 COLLECTDATA PassedMessage
 CRT PassedMessage

In the above example, program FIRST will EXECUTE program SECOND and will pass the string "Handover" in the PASSDATA clause. Program SECOND retrieves the string to a variable PassedMessage and prints the string on the Terminal screen. 

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