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The DEL statement is used to remove a specified element of a dynamic array.

DEL variable<expression1{, expression2{, expression3}}>


  • variable can be any previously assigned variable or matrix element. The expressions must evaluate to a numeric value or a runtime error will occur.
  • expression1 specifies the field in the array to operate upon and must be present.
  • expression2 specifies the multivalue within the field to operate upon and is an optional parameter.
  • expression3 is optionally present when expression2 has been included. It specifies which subvalue to delete within the specified multivalue.


  • Truncates non-integer values for any of the expressions to integers.
  • Ignores invalid numeric values for the expressions without warning The command operates within the scope specified, i.e. if specifying only a field then it deletes the entire field (including its multivalues and subvalues). If specifying a subvalue, then it deletes only the subvalue leaving its parent multivalue and field intact.

An example of use is as follows:

0001     Numbers=""
0002     FOR I = 1 TO 20
0003         Numbers<I> = I        ;*generate numbers
0004     NEXT I
0006     FOR I = 19 TO 1 STEP 2
0007         DEL Numbers<I>        ;*remove odd numbers
0008     NEXT I

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