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The CLEARSELECT statement is to clear active select lists.

CLEARSELECT {ListName | ListNumber}


  • ListName must evaluate to a jBASE BASIC list variable,
  • ListNumber is one of the numbered lists in the range 0 to 11.


If neither ListName nor ListNumber are specified then it clears the default list (0).

An example of use is as:

0001     A = "good" : @AM : "bad" : @AM : "ugly"
0002     B = "night" : @AM : "day"
0004     SELECT A TO 3
0005     SELECT B TO blist
0007     adone = 0; bdone = 0
0009     LOOP
0010         READNEXT Ael FROM 3 ELSE adone = 1
0011         READNEXT Bel FROM blist ELSE bdone = 1
0012     UNTIL adone AND bdone DO
0013         CRT Ael, Bel
0014         CLEARSELECT 3
0015         CLEARSELECT blist
0016     REPEAT

to display: good night

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