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In PRIME emulation, calling the SPOOLER function corrupts the default select list. 

Previous Release Behavior

In the following example, the call to SPOOLER(3) would cause the READNEXT to revert back to the beginning of the select-list. 

0001     old_id = ""
0003     LOOP
0004         READNEXT id ELSE EXIT
0005         IF id = old_id THEN
0006             CRT "Default select-list corrupted!"
0007             STOP
0008         END
0009         formqueues = SPOOLER(3)
0010         old_id = id
0011     REPEAT

This is because, in the SPOOLER() function, we saved and restored the default save-list, but we didn't save or restore the pointers that allowed READNEXT to sequentially return item-ids in order. 

Current Release Behavior

The above code now works as expected and the SPOOLER() call has no adverse effect on the LOOP/READNEXT construct.

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