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  • WSETCONTENTTYPE The WSETCONTENTTYPE subroutine sets the Content-Type header.  This is a alternati
  • WSETHEADER The WSETHEADER subroutine allows you to set return headers. COMMAND SYNTAX CALL W
  • WGETVAR The WGETVAR subroutine allows you to retrieve variables sent in the web request.
  • WGETBODY The WGETBODY gets the raw body sent in the web request if the web request is not
  • WGETHEADER The WGETHEADER subroutine allows you to retrieve sent headers.   COMMAND SYNTAX C
  • WSEND The WSEND subroutines send body data back to the client.  This is usually HTML or
  • WGETINFO The WGETINFO subroutine allows you return directly information from WWW.INFO comm
  • WWW.INFO WWW.INFO is a common variable that stores all the web information.  It is not rec
  • WSETSTATUS The WSETSTATUS subroutine allows you to modify the response code. COMMAND SYNTAX
  • WGETPARAM The WSETPARAM subroutine will retrieve additional URI parameters. COMMAND SYNTAX
  • WGETCONFIG The WGETCONFIG will retrieve items from the WDB.RESOURCE master config item.    C
  • WPARSEJSON The WPARSEJSON is a simple jSON parsing subroutine.  It has been been replaced wi
  • WBUILDJSON The WBUILDJSON is a very simple JSON building subroutine.  It basically handles e
  • WENCODEJSON The WENCODEJSON subroutine will encode a string to properly be in a JSON value. C
  • WSETCOOKIE The WSETCOOKIE subroutine will set a cookie to be sent back to the browser. COMMA
  • WGETCOOKIE The WGETCOOKIE subroutine retrieves cookies sent in the web request. COMMAND SYNT
  • WDB.RESOURCE WDB.RESOURCE record layout:  Attribute  Description  001 resource type - this sho
  • WOBJ The WOBJ subroutine is a basic object library for consuming and creating JSONobje