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MAGRES Utility

The MAGRES utility can be used to restore data from a MAGSAVE tape.

By default, the restore process will do the following:

  • Display all restored record identifiers
  • Skip binary records
magres {-Options} {(Options}
output record identifiers to printer
suppress record identifiers display
restore all records
output record identifiers to printer
suppress record identifier display
restore all records

The utility will create data files and subdirectories in the current working directory. A block size of 4096 is assumed for record bodies spanning more than one block. The MAGSAVE tape usually contains a dummy first block and so must be skipped before execution of the ‘magres’ command, also the MAGSAVE format has it’s own label format and so the label parameter must be set to NONE and the usual block size appears to be 4096.



mkdir restoredir
Create restore directory
cd restoredir
Change to restore directory
Attach device with label identification suppressed
Skip first tape file
magres -Q
Restore data

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