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Attaching and Detaching Part Files


Files are attached to a distributed file using the CREATE-DISTRIB command with the -a option. A file must already exist before it can be attached to a distributed file.

In the following example an existing file, DISTCUST.SOUTH, is attached to the distributed file DISTCUST as part number 4:

jsh DEMO ~ --> create-distrib -a DISTCUST 4 DISTCUST.SOUTH
Part file 'DISTCUST.SOUTH', Part number 4 added

It is also possible to attach a file using a full explicit filepath as in:

create-distrib -a c:\home\myaccount\DISTCUST 4 DISTCUST.SOUTH

This method of attaching a distributed file is preferred to ensure the proper part file is resolved through the partition algorithm. See Part Files for further details.

A part file can be detached from a distributed file using the create-distrib command with the -d option. The synonym DELETE-DISTRIB can also be used for this purpose. For example, to detach the DISTCUST.SOUTH part file:

jsh DEMO ~ --> create-distrib -d DISTCUST 4
Part file 'DISTCUST.SOUTH', Part number 4 deleted

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