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The command traces jCL program execution and displays each command (source line) before it is executed.


The TR command will help you to test and debug your jCL programs.A general purpose trace program may be provided by creating a jCL program called TRACE in the file defined by the JEDIFILENAME_MD environment variable. The TRACE program should look like this:

001 PQN
002 TR ON
003 (%1 %2)

Run the TRACE program like this:

TRACE jcl_file jcl_program

If the target program relies on the initial content of the PIB, the following line will have to be inserted into the program like this:

002 MV %1 %2,*

to move the PIB parameters to their required positions - otherwise the word TRACE will appear in %1 and the jCL program name (normally in %1) will be in %2.



001 PQN
002 TR
003 MV %21 ","," "
004 MV %98 1,A
005 S21
006 U147F
007 T MTS
008 S23
009 U147F
010 D D2
011 T "Today"s date is ", %23
012 T "the time is ",%21
013 TR OFF

will output:

MV %21 ","," "
MV %98 1,A
T "Today"s date is ", %23
Today"s date is 01/01/95
T "the time is ",%21
the time is 19:30:32

Line 2 turns the trace on. Line 13 turns it off.

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