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The command allows conditional execution of commands depending on the result of numeric comparisons. It takes the general form: 

IFN reference operator expression command


  • reference can be a direct or indirect reference to a buffer or select register, or an A command without a surround character. Using an A command will not move a value but simply provides a reference to the parameter to be tested.
  • operator performs a value comparison. Operators are:

equal to


not equal to


less than


greater than


less than or equal to


greater than or equal to

  • expression can be one of the following:
    • A direct or indirect reference to a buffer or select register.
    • A string. If the string contains embedded spaces or the first character is an exclamation mark (!), percent sign (%) or ampersand (&), enclose the string in single or double quotes.
  • command is a valid jCL  command.



IFN tests numbers by value, rather than their ASCII  sequence of characters. Leading zeros are ignored, as are trailing decimal zeros. For example, if %1 contains 00123.000, IFN %1 = 123 will be true.

If a submitted value equates to null or is non-numeric, zero will be used. Leading plus or minus signs are allowed.


IFN %1 > 50 G 100

If %1 is greater than 50, control will be transferred to label 100.


IFN %1 [ 0 G 100

If %1 is less than or equal to 0, control will be transferred to label 100.


IFN A < %3 G 100

If the current parameter is less than %3, control will be transferred to label 100.

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