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JCL - command


The - command subtracts an integer from the current parameter in the active input buffer. It takes the general form: 


Where n is the integer to be subtracted.


If the number of characters within a parameter decreases with a - command, the result is prefixed with zeros to maintain the same number of characters as the original value. Parameters within the input buffer can be preceded by a minus sign. If the buffer pointer is at the end of the buffer, a new parameter will be created. If the referenced parameter is non-numeric, a zero is used.


Command PIB Before PIB After 

-300 AAA^345^666 AAA^045^666
a a


Command PIB Before PIB After

-20 AAA^ABC^666 AAA^-20^666
a a


Command PIB Before PIB After

-50 AAA^-50^666 AAA^-100^666
a a

001 PQN
002 OEnter a number+
003 S5
004 IBP
005 +7
006 T %5
007 -3
008 T %5
009 RTN

This example receives input from the terminal and places it in the 5th parameter of the primary input buffer. It adds 7 to the value stored in the 5th parameter and displays the result. It then subtracts 3 from the result and displays the new value.

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