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jAgent is a server-side jBASE component responsible for accepting and processing incoming client requests.

  • INTRODUCTION TO jAGENT DOCUMENT SCOPE This document describes many concepts and methodologies that are h
  • INTRODUCTION TO jAGENT REST SERVICES DOCUMENT SCOPE The Introduction to jAgent REST Services document serves as a star
  • jAgent RESTful Services Quick Start How to quickly get jAgent up and running
  • INTRODUCTION TO jREMOTE This user guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the jBASE jRemote Cl
  • INTRODUCTION TO ODBC Introduction The jBASE ODBC Connector is an ODBC driver implementing the Open Dat
  • ODBC Quick Start The ODBC Connector is included with jBASE 5.x but may also be deployed on any Win
  • jREMOTE API <div>JavaScript is disabled on your browser.</div> Pa
  • jAgent Security ENABLING SSL ENCRYPTION: jAgent may be configured to use SSL encryption. To activ
  • jAgent Troubleshooting This document explains how the jAgent web server works and how to diagnose when t