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jBASE is a dynamic, high-performance and flexible NoSQL database with rich API integration due to it's native architecture.

  • WINDOWS TELNET (telnetd.exe) Description After connecting to the telnetd service and giving your password you
  • INTRODUCTION TO AUDIT LOGGING DOCUMENT SCOPE The Introduction to Audit Logging document serves as a starting po
  • jBASE REMOTE CONNECTIVITY SERVER (jRCS) Introduction jRCS is a jBASE remote connectivity server and a multi-layered clien
  • INTRODUCTION TO DISTRIBUTED LOCKING This document provides a user guide for the deployment and configuration of the j
  • MANUAL INSTALLATION OF JDLS SERVICE jBASE 5.5.0 for Windows uses 'shared memory which must be initialized prior to us
  • jBASE Encryption - Database Security Abstract jBASE 5.6 introduced a native encryption option that was later enhanced
  • jSHELL Description  The jsh command invokes jSHELL - the jBASE shell. It can be invoked
  • WINDOWS TELNET CUSTOMIZATION Description You can edit the registry by using Registry Editor (Regedit.exe or Re
  • WINDOWS TELNET TROUBLESHOOTING Event Log The jBASE TCP Remote Logon Services report error messages to the Applic
  • jfind Description  The Windows platform does not provide a command line search program